Tony Butler

My extended, dysfunctional family

Family Photos

A bunch of my extended family!

2005 in Sheridan, Oregon in the front yard at Margie and Paul's new home.

His right arm looks like a 98 pound weakling because the picture was taken from a team photo and the guy next to him was blocking part of his arm. So in the process of 'Photoshoping' the picture his arm looks skinny.

Hannah, Mom, and Katie at Mt. Soledad where the annoyed atheist is trying to take down the Cross. A beautiful night with lots of wind and a full moon above the Cross.

Having fun in the pool!

Having fun in the pool!

This was our first trip to Yosemite in the old Dodge Travette camper I bought so my Mom and Dad would come along. Pete and I went to the top of Half Dome which you can see above my right ear!

The day after we climbed Half Dome. You can just see the peak between us.

This was taken about 5 minutes after Pete walked right out to the edge of the peak we are standing on and sat down with his feet over the edge and he bent over and looked down. I didn't see him until other people that were there started saying, "That guy's crazy!!" I looked over and Pete is acting like it's no big deal and I'm screaming at him like he's my 12 year old!

She was just 18 and her Dad was bad to take her and let her get drunk in a Mexico bar!

After he fell off his roof in Salton City!

With their Dad in Salton City.

Celebrating Ray's Birthday party at Raymie's home in Bay Park 11/19/2007.

PB Summer of 2007.