Tony Butler

My extended, dysfunctional family

Family History

As told by... me

Here you will find the dark, hidden secrets of torture, self mutilation and other family fun at our house better known as "Chateau Encanto".

I was born December 29, 1953. Just before my parents lost their tax deduction for the year. I grew up in El Cajon, CA and went to Naranca Elementary, El Cajon Junior High, and El Cajon Valley High School where I graduated in 1972.

Oh, you thought I would use a recent picture with no hair??

I'm still trying to figure out who made this guitar that I call my Bat-Guitar!

Austin: Born in my bedroom on November 24, 1985
Terra: Born in my bedroom on June 29, 1987
Katie: Born at Sharp Hospital in San Diego on October 28, 1991
Hannah: Born at UCSD Hospital in San Diego on July 4th, 1993

Summer of 2006 in Utah

Hannah's 14th Birthday Party

Kathy (Katie and Hannah's Mom) was born at Mercy Hospital on June 12, 1958 and they had no mercy...