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Some pictures from old bands and such

This is my first working band around 1974, 'Bandini-T' with Ray Bumbaugh (front), Melvin Brown (right), Dennis Hanson (left), and I'm in the middle. (I lost track of Melvin so if anyone knows where he is, please have him contact me! Thanks!!)

The famous 'Gay' outfits that we actually had custom made!!?? Top left, John 'Hoot' McDonald, Saxman Deluxe, top right, Ray Bumbaugh (guitar), bottom left, Dennis Hanson (bass), bottom right, me (with hair and a very wimpy mustache!), center, Melvin Brown (drums), and Barry White (vocals).

This is the gig that got me fired from my truck driving job. I was supposed to drive to LA and pick up a load of tires, shocks, and wheels for Posi-Traction, but I called in sick so I could do the band job instead. Someone called the house and Susie told them, "Tony's not here, he has a gig today..."

Robin and I acting stupid.

Left to right: Steve Baker, Secret Agent Lana, Gary Hartson, Robin Greenlee, and me.

Steve is now the head of the music department at Grossmont College which is where I first met Steve when we had some music classes together. He really looks quite dapper in his Harry Potter shades, eh? Gary and Secret Agent Lana are still married. I haven't seen Robin in many years... (If anyone knows where Robin is tell him to contact me!)

I hope this was a Halloween Gig!

Left to right: Mike Grossman (keys), me, Secret Agent Lana (vocals), Gary Hartson (bass), and Robin Greenlee (drums).

We played a lot of reunions, and we would always have the school photographer take our picture.

With Steve Chevalier. The picture was taken at my store, Jim's Guitars, one of those, "I think I have a gig and they need a picture right now! Can we come by your store and take one?" kind of shots.

Corey Davis on drums, Mike Herrick on guitar, Kris Barnes on bass, Lisa Wooster on guitar, and me. About a year after this picture, Chris Jackson replaced Mike and we were the house band at Dirk's Horseshoe Lounge in Lemon Grove. One night there was a huge fight and the girls said they didn't want to play there any more so we gave notice. The first night after we quit there was a gangland style murder right in front of the band where 3 guys stood up and shot this guy dead. (Corey, if you read this please contact me!)

Left to right: Tony, Kent, Danny, and Jerry

When Al Spears left 'Smokey Joe' we were playing Oldies and Rock at Don's and Don said "If you want to keep the job you will hire Danny." So we hired Danny who was very country and slowly as guys left he brought in his guys until it became "Big Sky". That is why I went from Rock to Country... (It's all your fault Danny!)

Frank Ceaser (L) is now the news guy for KOGO, Larry Buta (back) I haven't seen in years... Me and Al Spears (right) whom I also haven't seen in years!

This is the logo designed by Susie Elmquist and made with the help of Marty Elmquist.

Coolrays: Me, Wilk Zouk, Bobby Wade, and Dave Roulliard surf band anyone?? Dave now is the Band Instructor for SD City Schools...

New Years with Chris Kirk at Flinn Springs Inn.

Dressed up as Gilligan's Island. Tony Miller is a native (sound man), Duffy Guerrero is Gilligan (drums), I'm Ginger, Kelly was The Skipper, and Barry was the Boat.

This was a great lineup!! Left to right: Dusty Best, Kelly Smith, Wailin' (Jennings Morgan), Me, and Barry Dubis.

This is the lineup the last time we won the National Country Music Association "Band Of The Year" in Tennessee. Dennis Robinson (bass), Kelly Smith (vocals), Cameron Smith (vocals), Linda Apodaca (vocals), Hugh Jorgan (drums), Rusty Faulk (harp), and I'm in the back with the hat. PS Linda renamed Hugh... Hmmmm.

Rusty, Dennis, Linda, Dwane, Kelly, Me, Cameron.

The San Diego CCMA Awards Show at Sycuan.

At Hooley's in Rancho San Diego.

From a gig on 10/28/2006. Barry (keys), Chris (drums), and me.

At Mulvaney's in Santee 10/13/07. Ted, Bob, me, and Chris.